Plastic Folding Carton

Plastic Folding Cartons are a low caliper plastic box useful for holding light-weight products. A Plastic Folding Carton allows for a high level of product visibility. The ability to display your product while securely enclosed is unmatched when it comes to Plastic Folding Cartons. Similar to paperboard folding cartons, plastic folding cartons are highly customizable and can be designed to hold a vast array of product types and sizes.


Product Visibility

Provides up to 100% product visibility while product is fully enclosed and secured


Increases product security and handling durability compared to traditional packaging

Foil Stamping

Adds premium features to the plastic package common in traditional folding cartons


Depending on material chosen, plastic packaging is up to 100% recyclable

Our Capabilities

Why Choose Plastic Folding Cartons?

Plastic Folding Cartons provide maximum product visibility for on-shelf product display.

Provide your retail store customer with the ability to see exactly what they are buying even at point of purchase with Plastic Folding Carton packaging.

Plastic Folding Cartons are highly customizable and can be printed to give high shelf appeal.

Learn more about Plastic Folding Cartons with this CASE STUDY.

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At Wynalda Packaging we produce custom paperboard Folding Carton solutions to fit our customer’s specific needs. From windows with magnetic closures to pillow pack boxes we are capable. We can print on a variety of board types including foil board and finish the print process with specialty coating options to fit your project.

Technical Specs

PP (Polypropylene)

Varies – 10pt – 24pt. is most common for folding carton purposes.

Spot Gloss, Soft Touch, Matte, Dull, Reticulate, Pearlescent, UV

Depending on material choice, many are easily recyclable. PET and PP are great choices when a recyclable material is required.

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Folding Carton

Traditional paperboard folding cartons

Plastic Folding Carton

Fully transparent packaging for your product

Rigid Box

Durability and a luxurious out of box experience


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