Folding Carton

Folding Carton packaging is a low caliper paperboard useful for holding light-weight products. Traditional Folding Cartons are highly customizable to hold a large variety of product types and sizes.

  • Hold a variety of lightweight products
  • Versatile designs options
  • Maximum utility to value ratio
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Plastic Folding Carton

Plastic Folding Cartons are a low caliper plastic box useful for holding light-weight products. A Plastic Folding Carton allows for a high level of product visibility.

  • Maximum product visibility for on-shelf product display
  • Highly customizable structural and graphic design
  • Provide variety of recyclable options
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Rigid Box

Rigid Boxes serve as a premium box option for medium to light-weight products. Rigid Boxes are made of chip board materials with a fine sheet paper wrap. Rigid Boxes typically include a base and a lid and are often referred to as rigid setup boxes.

  • Ability to hold light to medium weight products
  • Produce a premium unboxing experience for your customers
  • Perfect for kitting products or accessories into a single, professional solution
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