Structural and graphic design are critical components of every project.

Our team is capable of designing and engineering the perfect carton or simply adapting your existing designs for off-set press production.

Structural Design

Experienced packaging engineers are the lifeblood of quality packaging. Designing a neat box is a simple task. Creating custom packaging that functions the way you want it to and also maintains its structural integrity through all production phases is a complex task. If your team is already equipped with structural design and packaging engineers, our staff will simply confirm those designs are suited well to run on our cutting edge packaging equipment so that the finished product functions exactly how you designed it to.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are ready to help your vision become reality. We can produce everything from quick concept images to realistic renderings of your envisioned design. Simulated package photos will show you how the final package can look. High-end renderings allow you to prepare sell sheets, product catalogs and advertising while the packages for your product line are still being produced.

Creative Proofing

From account manager to design center to pressmen, our team at Wynalda Packaging will evaluate your project and identify print enhancement potential to help your finished product stand out from the competition.

Digital Assessment

Our account managers are trained to assess your art and desired outcome and provide recommendations based on the capabilities of our state of the art equipment. This relates to the substrate used and how colors and finishes will display on them compared to a digital view.

Digital Enhancement

Our account managers will work with our design team to identify ways to enhance the artwork with finishes, coatings and other elements to make the best recommendation to help your packaging stand out from your competition.

Option Review

We will present to you the creative enhancement options our team develops. You can select a handful of these options to receive finished samples of if you prefer a more detailed review.

Design Sampling

Our digital printing press allows us to quickly print the packaging options you have selected at near-production quality. The design samples will be provided with budgetary figures for evaluation.

On Press Proofing

A highlight of the creative proofing process is the ability to go beyond digitally printed samples with on-press proofing. When necessary, on-press proofing is a process that allows you to join us on press for the initial or test run of your project. Together we will pull printed sheets and review for color correctness and complete a final inspection of the full production product.

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