Everything we do at Wynalda Packaging begins with a question, “is this the right thing to do?”, not the most expedient thing. Not the easiest thing. Not the least expensive thing. Is it the right thing? We are never satisfied with the status quo. So we ask ourselves that question with today in mind, and also tomorrow. It’s how we ensure that our customers will always be treated exactly as we’d like to be.

Our History

Wynalda Packaging specializes in specialty folding carton manufacturing and design. With almost 50 years of experience, we are the premier resource for folding carton in our industry. Our wide range of capabilities and highly flexible structure make us a great partner for all your folding carton needs.

Our Values

The Wynalda family of companies are committed to operate from a Biblical worldview. Therefore, we strive to love our neighbor as ourselves as we:

Provide our employees a positive and safe work environment

Offer our customers quality products and exceptional service

Invest our time and resources back into our local community

Our Quality

Wynalda Packaging is committed to providing outstanding customer service, on-time deliveries and a superior-quality product that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

1970 Wynalda Packaging formed by Bob Wynalda, Sr.
1973 Transitioned into carton making at request of Wolverine Worldwide
1977 Manufactured packaging for first VHS meant for home video
1999 Leading the print industry by converting from film to 100% computer-to-plate printing
2001 Started printing on PET creating plastic folding cartons
2009 First beverage carrier assignment
2012 Wynalda International is formed
2014 Wynalda Trading is established

Our Quality Assurance Management is a top priority. We are proud to be recognized as ISO 9001:2015 Certified

In addition to our high quality standards, we take pride in our positive environmental impact as well thus, we maintain an ISO 14001:2015 certification.

We are committed to providing sustainable options to our customers. One of those options is the use of FSC® certified paperboard material for packaging projects. Choosing FSC® supports sustainable forest management. FSC® C149826 www.fsc.org

We are committed to providing sustainable options to our customers. One of those options is the use of SFI® certified paperboard material for packaging projects. Choosing SFI® supports sustainable forest management.

Wynalda Packaging supports Clean Energy with Renewable Energy Certificates from Constellation. Learn more

Wynalda Packaging has demonstrated through production of print and proofing, the knowledge, skill, and best practices required to effectively operate the G7 methodology in a graphic communications production environment.

We hold our graphic, pre-press and printing standards in highest regard and are GMI certified at Wynalda Packaging.

At Wynalda Packaging we take Food & Beverage packaging standards seriously and thus are AIB certified.

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