ScentFIRE – a Conquest Scents product powered by Wyndscent technology.

Fourth Arrow brands, the creator of Wyndscent technology inquired about developing packaging for a new partner product – ScentFIRE by Conquest Scents.

This unique hunting and outdoor industry product converts traditional and proprietary blends of hunting scents to vapors. Electronically, the power unit heats up the scent inside the cartridge and emits the vapor scents at controlled intervals. Each package comes with a power unit, a scent cartridge and a remote control.


4 Color Printing

PET Construction

Thermoformed Tray

Injection Molded Hanger

Our Capabilities

Our design team was up for the CHALLENGE

Conquest Scents and Fourth Arrow brands sought a way to clearly display the new technology while inside the durable package. However, the packaging also had to have adequate print area to explain all of the features and benefits.

There were multiple challenges in designing packaging for the ScentFIRE product. The first challenge was selecting a material that would provide a clear view of the power unit but also provide adequate print area to explain product details.

Expos and trade shows are common sales environments in the outdoor industry including outdoor expos. Thus, material for ScentFIRE packaging needed to endure variable weather conditions.

Secondly, the weight of the box created a challenge for traditional peg hangtags. The design team had to structurally design support in the package to hold it’s own weight while on a retail display.

Finally, the power unit had to maintain its position while inside the package without rotating so that the power buttons and branding could be viewed consistently.

The entire ScentFIRE package includes ancillary parts thus, the package needed to display the primary device while keeping the ancillary parts secure and concealed from consumer view.

All parties involved agreed that PET plastic packaging was the best route to go. Plastic folding cartons form a great outer structure. They also provide a clear view inside the box and full color printing. Plastic packaging is the right option for variable sales environments and conditions.

Securing the round power unit inside box so that it would not rotate through the shipping and receiving process and while on the retail shelf was a tall order. The decision was made to design a custom, thermoformed tray that would not only hold the power unit, but also the ancillary components.

The thermoformed tray included a locking mechanism that would keep the device from spinning and allow button and branding to face the front of the package at all times.

The weight of the product inside the package was of great concern for the Structural Design team. A traditional PET plastic hanging mechanism was not sufficient thus, an injection molded hang tab was designed to hang the packaging, ensuring stability when displayed on a retail rack.

Fourth Arrow and Conquest Scents were thrilled with the final product and to date have seen a great success in the marketing of their new product. Wynalda Packaging has since had the opportunity to design and produce packaging for additional brand accessories.


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