Training Mask 3.0 Rigid Box for sturdy, high value package and premium consumer unboxing experience.

Training Mask produces a popular product in the fitness and training industry. Our job at Wynalda Packaging was to develop a more premium line look and feel of the packaging for the new 3.0 Elevation Training Mask.

In doing so the 3.0 mask could be distinguished from the previous 2.0 Training Mask products on the store shelves.


Metalized Silver Polyester "O-sleeve"

Spot Reticulated Coating


Spot UV Gloss Coating

Our Capabilities

Continuous improvement to existing packaging as business demands change

Training Mask developed a new and improved 3.0 version of their product and wanted a premium package to go along with it. Additionally, Training Mask was hoping to create a package that could have future use.

The objective was to create a premium package that would have the look and feel of a superior product to that of the 2.0 packaging. The packaging also had to have the ability to function as a storage container when the mask was not in use.


Our team decided to forego the traditional Training Mask packaging of previous models made of folding carton packaging. In order to create the premium package feel the decision was made to go with a rigid lid and base design.

A Rigid Box design with o sleeve – printed wrap around the rigid box, sometimes called a bellyband – would allow for high end printing techniques with spot dull and gloss UV coatings.

The Rigid base and lid design would also function as storage container that would hold up to everyday use

Because there are different sizes of Training Masks, they needed the ability to customize the outside of the package for each size and color. A bellyband was developed that would go around the rigid lid and base that would be specific for each size and color.

The bellyband was enhanced with bright silver metalized paper, reticulated UV coating and spot gloss UV coating. The final enhancement was to emboss the graphic of the mask on the front of the package to really give this packaging a premium shelf presence.

The structural and graphical designs that were developed for this product gave the premium look that Training Mask was trying to achieve, distinguishing it from their current product and the other products in the marketplace.

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