Shark Week 30th Anniversary …the television event.

Lionsgate reached out to Wynalda Packaging for help in designing the Blu-ray O-sleeve for the 30th Anniversary of Shark Week, the television event.

Lionsgate’s goal was to create a special edition package to stand out on the shelf by incorporating a beach and ocean theme.  Lionsgate wanted the consumer to feel that they were part of the action; as if they were on the beach.


4 Color Printing

Spot Reticulated Coating

Spot Gloss UV Coating

Sculptured Emboss

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Each PROJECT brings about a new CHALLENGE.

The challenge for our design team was to design a package that would give the look and feel of being on a beach. Our graphic and structural design team was determined to make the package feel like you were touching the sand on the beach.

The idea of using specialty coatings and sculpted embossing was the answer to this challenge.  Using a reticulated (textured) coating on the sand areas gave the package the feel of real sand. Additionally, using high gloss UV coating on the ocean and life ring made the sand area stand out even more.

These specialty coatings draw a consumers attention to the rough and gritty sand.

The final touch used to bring the visual to life was sculptured embossing. The sculptured embossing of the key elements such as the shark, jaws and seal as well as the minor elements like the small castle, sand bucket and shovels and the life ring, made the images in the sand come to life as if they were just carved out of the sand.

The final result was a package with a very unique visual when it was on the shelf, but an even bigger sensory response when it was held. The story of Shark Week’s 30 years of Jaw-Dropping Discovery came to life before it was ever unpackaged and placed into the Blu-ray player.

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