Manufacturing Process

Here at Wynalda Packaging, from Design to Fulfillment, we own the manufacturing process. Over our nearly 50 years in packaging we have perfected our process to optimize quality and turn times for our customers. We are proud of our continuous investment in modern equipment and technology.

Structural & Graphic Design

Structure and function are keys to great packaging. The Wynalda team considers all aspects of your product when designing a package to hold it. We look at both fit and function when developing a design, making sure the design can be manufactured well in production.

Once a design is finalized, that exact program is used to create the tooling for the manufacturing process. Using the finalized design to create the tool ensures that your finished manufactured product will look and function just like the sample that was approved.

In-house prepress & proofing

Wynalda Packaging provides full-service prepress and proofing. We can process all of the major formats that are used today for file development.

Wynalda Packaging is a computer-to-plate (CTP) facility, and has been since 1999. Computer-to-plate technology ensures flexibility, quick turnaround, increased quality and reduced costs.

Proofing is done utilizing both water based and solvent based Epson color proofing systems. Digital files can be uploaded to a secure site at Wynalda Packaging via FTP.

Up to 8 color printing with UV & Aqueous coatings

At Wynalda Packaging, we have what it takes to make your package stand out from the rest.

Print your packaging in 4, 6 or 8 colors all in one pass. Whether it is a standard 4- color folding carton or a custom, special-match color, we are equipped to handle the printing.

Our in-house ink department gives you flexibility to match the most unusual color on the most unusual substrate.

In-house cutting die making

We have a team of die makers in house that build the cutting dies as well as the blankers for most projects we run through our machines.

This allows us to speed up the time it takes to get your project from concept to finishing because we do not have to wait on a third party timeline to produce the dies for your project.

In house foil stamping & embossing

In our West Michigan facilities we not only have the ability to print high volume but to also emboss and foil stamp.

At Wynalda Packaging we take pride in our ongoing commitment to current technology and equipment investments. Investing in current technology and equipment allows us to keep these manufacturing units in house.

Many of our machines are capable of multi-step, in-line processes that improve production efficiency of the post-press functions. Ultimately this creates great value for our customers.

Windowing, Steel & Magnetic Closures, Serialization & Gluing

As your substrate makes its way from post-press to a finished package, it arrives at our windowing, steel and magnets, and or gluing lines.

Here your substrate becomes a finished, folding carton. Wynalda Packaging is an industry leader when it comes to equipment and technology.

We have also developed our own in-line serialization process in the finishing stage and can even provide you with a managed serialization data solution if needed.

Pulp Manufacturing Process

As part of our continuous growth, Wynalda is now offering Molded Pulp Packaging as an added solution to your packaging needs. Made from 100% recycled content, Paper Pulp Packaging offers a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic options.

Print & Packaging Specialty

Our specialties create added value for our customers. Our business is built on producing unique and creative packaging that contributes to consumer confidence in our customers’ brands.

UV, Aqueous, reticulate and soft touch

Special coatings can protect your package and give it added shelf appeal.

Print with aqueous coating, UV coating, dull coatings, varnishes and reticulated coating to make your product jump off the shelf.

You can even use a combination of coatings to really differentiate your package from your competitors.

Foil that draws attention or adds authenticity

Foil stamping on your package can add a little flash to draw attention or it can add security for authenticity.

Foil stamping can be done in a wide variety of foils and colors that will enhance your package and give it enormous shelf appeal.

Adding a security foil will authenticate your product with the use of special security features placed in the foil to guarantee that your customer has the real thing and not a counterfeit.

Raised embossing, set de-bossing or sculptured emboss to add texture

Want to add a texture to your package, or raise type on the package to make it jump off the box? Then embossing is for you. Embossing or de-bossing gives your package that special feel when you hold it in your hand or look at it on the shelf.

You can emboss your text and font, a background texture or raise a character or logo so that it stands out on your package.

The embossing can be a single-level emboss or a sculpted emboss to create your desired effect.

In house die making and die cutting with in-line blanking

All of our die cutters are equipped with full blanking capabilities, which means your cartons come off the die cutter ready to go to the gluer.

Our die making department constructs the cutters for each job in house so that we can have full control over the die cutting process which improves the speed of delivery of your project.

The die cutter automatically removes the trim from around your carton and moves the trim to a machine for recycling.

The cutting die is designed, programed and produced all in-house, eliminating the possibility of the carton changing from prototype to finished, manufactured carton.

Simple cellophane windows or rigid, waterfall Wynview™

Does your product command a consumer need to see it before they buy it?

Wynalda Packaging has the ability to place a window in your carton for viewing the product while securely inside of the carton.

The window can be a basic cellophane window for viewing on one panel of the carton, or it can be a rigid PET window that actually helps form the structure and design of the carton.

We call this rigid, folding or waterfall style window Wynview™.

Straight line, auto-bottom, dividers and many other gluing configuration capabilities

Straight-line gluing, automatic bottoms, cartons with internal dividers, and beverage carriers — our gluers can do it all.

Our gluers are set up with detection systems that constantly monitor the amount and positioning of the glue as it is applied.

At the same time we are monitoring the glue, we are reading each individual carton making sure that it is what our customer is expecting.

Trimming, folding, stitching or even tip-on our bindery can do it.

Our fully equipped bindery department can add those finishing touches to your printed materials. Whether you need trimming, folding or stitching, it can be handled right in our plant.

If your project requires a tip-on of one print piece to another, such as a lenticular tip-on, we can handle it.  When your project requires the application of plastic CD/DVD/Blu-ray plastic trays, we can make it happen as well.

We understand the urgency of each project and have the equipment and staff to meet your schedule.

Closed-loop verification, secure-code management, and searchable access to serialization data base

We have a closed-loop, high-resolution ink-jetting system designed specifically for highly secure data applications such as: code redemption systems, point systems, zero duplication, and 100% legible applications.

Our closed-loop camera verification system ensures that the data printed matches the intended result. Automatic isolation ensures that no duplicates enter the production stream.

Our proprietary, secure-code management system is 2048bit and encrypted. It allows authorized agents to verify essential data including the quantity of codes provided, used and remaining.

Our system also provides searchable access to individual code batches, allowing verification processes with complete integrity.

Simple clamshell or complicated thermoform tray with 3D prototypes for approval

Our thermoforming capabilities allow you to add style and functionality to your folding carton without the high tooling costs of other molding processes.

Thermoformed sheet can be made with high-impact and flame-retardant properties, and in an infinite range of colors. We provide custom molds and 3D prototyping so you receive exactly what your requirements demand.

We can produce a wide variety of thicknesses and can handle the most basic clamshell or the most complicated tray.

Endless possibilities and flexible to customer injection molding needs

We can design and manufacturer simple and complex custom-injection molded components.

No matter what kind of part you may need, from a personalized hangtag to a complex toy, we can provide the solution that will help you get your ideas to market and stay ahead of the competition.

Delivery Services

From vendor managed inventory to complex global security we have experience and are ready to help. Consumer behavior is changing in a rapidly growing eCommerce world. We are prepared to help you navigate these and many other challenges.

From hand work and pack out to sensitive delivery requirements we've got you covered.

Does your product need to be assembled and packaged? Wynalda Packaging can do that for you.

Our secure facilities keep your product safe during the entire process. We have the ability to flex with our staffing based on your delivery requirements.

From assembly to shrink wrap and everything in between, we can assist you.

Just in Time schedule or fully managed solution we have your inventory management solution

If you need “Just in Time” shipments or maybe even a larger warehouse, Wynalda Packaging us capable of handling your inventory needs.

We can produce your packaging and hold it for release. Make and Release orders free up your space, giving you room for finished goods and reducing work in progress inventory space.

In most cases an inventory program will provide you a better material flow and control of your own inventory.

USA, Asia and other global supply network needs

Need packaging produced in both North America and China, or maybe just China? Wynalda Packaging has a team of experts based in our own offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to help.

Press proof your product here in the United States and have it produced in China with the confidence that the two packages will match and look the same on the shelf.

Visit Wynalda International for more information on Global Supply.

Maximum brand and product security and anti-counterfeiting measures

We take your brand security very seriously.

Each of our facilities has 24- hour surveillance and random audits to minimize risk of counterfeiting.

Controls are in place from the time we produce each item until it arrives at your location to maximize security of your products and brand.

Visit Wynalda International for more information.

We take pride in identifying sustainability opportunities when providing packaging solutions.

Wynalda Packaging fully realizes the importance of a healthy environment to the future of our planet. Everything needed for our well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment.

At Wynalda Packaging we believe it is vital that we protect our water, materials and resources thus we are committed to determining the most eco-friendly services and packaging solutions for your products.

The inks, paper, plastics and metals we use are all chosen for their ability to make the smallest environmental footprint possible.


The eCommerce world we live in has presented many benefits for brands but along with those have come some challenges. If have found that products shipped to a retailer are being diverted to other resellers outside of your contractual agreement, we have a solution. Our Anti-diversion strategies can be fit to a custom program for your brand.

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