myBLU – a Structural Improvement & Serialization Addition.

Using a loose-leaf coupon insert that was hand placed into the door-box design was time consuming for fulfillment and had a high loss rate due to the coupons sliding out of the carton during transportation.

The coupons also only provided generic information that was directing the consumer back to the corporate website.


Detachable Insert

Serialized Coupon Code


4 Color Printing

Our Capabilities

Our design team was up for the CHALLENGE

The customer tasked Wynalda with developing a new carton design that would keep the same finished appearance at retail but affix the coupon as part of the carton.  Wynalda was also tasked with developing and applying a randomized 11-digit alphanumeric coding sequence that could be applied to the coupons for rewards redemption, as well as provide traceability per individual SKU.

First, Wynalda’s Design Team focused on modifying the carton design to include the coupon.  This was accomplished by adding a perforated panel to the inside of the door flap.  The updated design kept the same finished appearance.  Once opened, the attached coupon was provided high visibility to the end consumer and eliminated the previous waste issue.

Next, Wynalda’s IT Team developed a proprietary software that would generate the alphanumeric codes per specific SKUs.  The software was designed to look for, and eliminate any repeating codes, profane text, and the usage of characters that could be confused for one another….i.e. the letter O and the number 0.








The codes are digitally printed in-line via a print head that is affixed on a gluer in Wynalda’s finishing department.  Printed codes are then provided to the customer through an encrypted share site that allows them to activate the codes for redemption.

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