GOAL ZERO solar panel packaging that  tells & shows the story of the product’s primary functions.

The goal of the project was to design a way that the consumer could see the product that was inside the package from multiple angles while maintaining print area on the package in order to explain how the product works as well as its features and benefits.


Custom Color

Wynview™ Rigid Window

Dull UV Coating

Magnetic Closure

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Every PROJECT has a unique CHALLENGE

How was Wynalda Packaging going create a package that would give the consumer visibility to the recharger/solar panel that was inside the package, but yet have enough billboard space on the outside of the package to give all the necessary product information?

The design challenge on the Goal Zero package involved the structure of the package.

Our graphic and structural package design team vision was to somehow create windows into the package from multiple angles but to also maximize the print area.

The Structural Design department was excited to take on this intriguing task. A Wynview™ waterfall window was developed so that the customer could view both the front and the side of the product without ever having to open the packaging. The Wynview™ window also helped create the structure of the package by forming scores to create a rigid edge of the window thus creating a front and side panel of the folding carton.

Next came the issue of print area. The decision was made to add a door to the front of the package because in doing so we created an opportunity to not only display a graphic of the product on the front of the package, but gave extra space to list all the details and functions of the product on the inside portion of the door.

The final issue was keeping the door closed when on a retail shelf. We solved this issue with the application of steel and magnets hidden inside the packaging to magnetically keep the door closed. The magnets and steel allowed for the packaging to easily be opened to see and read about the product, but also keep the door securely closed when displayed.

The packaging concept was so effective, Goal Zero decided to incorporate the design into the packaging for many of the product variations.

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