Folding Carton Box Types

Paperboard folding cartons are highly customizable and can hold a large variety of product types and sizes, making them a very popular choice among the different types of boxes for packaging. Below are the six most common types of folding carton boxes that can serve as the starting point of your packaging design, with numerous other designs and variations available. These folding carton styles can be adjusted—and even combined—to create a custom box that fits your product perfectly. 


Straight Tuck

Straight tuck folding cartons have top and bottom flaps located on the same side. This design saves space and reduces storage costs, making it economical for manufacturers and retailers. This carton style is versatile and suitable for many different types of products, including retail goods, pharmaceuticals, and personal care items. They offer ease of assembly and a clean, professional appearance on store shelves, enhancing product visibility and consumer appeal.





Reverse Tuck

Reverse tuck folding cartons feature top and bottom flaps on opposite sides, offering a secure closure and easy opening experience for consumers. This carton box type provides a sleek and polished look that enhances product presentation. Many brands in the cosmetics, food and beverage, and health and wellness industries use this style of carton. Reverse tuck cartons facilitate efficient packing and unpacking processes.






Auto-Lock Bottom

Auto bottom paperboard folding cartons are designed to automatically erect when opened, minimizing assembly time and labor costs in packaging operations. They are ideal for products that require quick and efficient packaging, such as food items, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The auto-lock bottom feature ensures a secure base, enhancing product stability during transportation and on store shelves. This type of carton offers convenience and reliability, making it a preferred choice for high-volume production environments.




Lock Bottom

Lock bottom paperboard folding cartons are specifically engineered for heavier items that require extra strength and durability during packaging and transport. They feature a secure locking mechanism at the bottom, which provides enhanced structural integrity and prevents the box from collapsing under the weight of its contents.  Electronics, household appliances, and automotive parts brands often choose lock bottom cartons for their packaging.





Sleeve Box

Sleeve paperboard folding cartons consist of an outer sleeve that slides over an inner tray or box, providing an additional layer of protection and aesthetic appeal. You can customize these cartons with printing and finishing options to showcase branding and product information effectively. They are often used for premium products such as chocolates, candles, and luxury goods. Sleeve cartons allow for creative packaging solutions that attract consumers’ attention and reinforce brand identity.






Two-piece paperboard folding cartons consist of separate top and bottom pieces that fit together to form a complete package. This carton style is commonly used for gift boxes, apparel packaging, and specialty items. They provide a high-end look and feel, making them suitable for retail environments and promotional campaigns. Two-piece cartons offer durability and protection while enhancing the overall customer experience through premium packaging solutions.






When considering different kinds of boxes for your product, it’s essential to understand the various carton types available. Our designers can tailor any of these types of folding cartons to meet your specific needs, from structural integrity to visual appeal. Whether you’re looking for packaging for heavier items or need to explore various folding carton types for high-end products, there’s a solution that fits every requirement. 


Custom Packaging Solutions

By exploring different types of carton boxes and their unique benefits, we can help you find the ideal packaging that not only protects but also promotes your product effectively. While the above carton types are the most common base designs, they are not a limitation. Our design team can work with you to create a unique, innovative packaging solution for your product that will stand out on the shelves. Talk to a packaging expert today to get started finding the right types of folding carton boxes for your packaging.

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