The Sustainability Premium

It’s likely not news to you that sustainability is becoming increasingly important to US consumers… but the question is: are they willing to put their money where their mouth is?


Recent studies have shown that:

  • Consumers tolerate up to a 36% increase in the optimal price point for sustainable goods over standard goods (Van Westendorp).
  • 68% of US consumers (and 77% of Gen Z) are willing to pay more for sustainable products (Business of Sustainability Index, GreenPrint, a PDI company, 2023).
  • Among those that shop for more sustainable products, 93% use labels or third-party certifications to confirm a company or product’s sustainability credentials (Business of Sustainability Index, GreenPrint, a PDI company, 2023).


What does this mean for your packaging? 


Invest in sustainable packaging options. 

Product packaging is one of the biggest factors in a brand’s sustainability. Using sustainable packaging options wherever possible can have a huge impact on your product’s sustainability, and therefore its value to your consumers.


At Wynalda, we offer a variety of sustainable packaging options:


Label your product with applicable sustainability credentials.

With labels and third party certifications being the main way that consumers identify sustainable products, including your certifications and other sustainability metrics clearly and prominently  on your packaging is crucial.


Wynada’s expert package designers can work with you to design a package that showcases your product, while also highlighting the sustainability of your product and its packaging.


Why Companies Happily Pay The Sustainable Packaging Cost

Not only are consumers now demanding sustainability from brands, but they are recognizing the value of it and are willing to pay a price premium for sustainable products—especially the younger, upcoming generations. While many brands have historically shied away from the cost of sustainable packaging, in today’s market it could actually be costing you more to stick with the alternative. 


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