Businesses spend tremendous amounts of time and resources developing their products & brand. Like any other asset, these need to be protected.


There are multiple applications that can be incorporated into your primary packaging to improve the security, traceability, and anti-counterfeiting of your products and brand. These can include:



Radio frequency identification tags can be applied during the packaging manufacturing process, providing improved traceability throughout the supply chain.


Tamper-evident closures and seals:

Seals provide an additional barrier of product protection, and if breached, provide visible evidence to the consumer that tampering has occurred.



The application of holographic foils offers products additional protection from the threat of counterfeiters while also providing brands with a highly effective measure to grab the eye of the consumer in a retail setting.



Predominantly used as an anti-counterfeiting technique, microprint requires magnification to read with the naked eye.


Security & Taggant Ink:

Invisible to the human eye, and adding another level against counterfeit protection, taggant ink can be applied during the printing process and is only visible with specialty readers.


Digital Serialization:

Unique application enhancing the track-and-trace of a product throughout the supply chain and to the end-consumer.


The use of these applications is determined by a number of factors that can include product value, sophistication of counterfeiters within a given market, or risk to human safety; where pharmaceuticals is the largest category to see potential threats to product counterfeiting.

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