Have you ever wondered what the checkmark merged into a tree, often printed on packaging materials represents?


The logo represents packaging materials that are made from forest products sourced from a certifiably sustainable forest.  The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an organization that seeks to protect forests for future generations. The FSC’s forest management standards expand to protecting water quality, prohibiting the harvest of rare old-growth forest, preventing of the loss of natural cover and prohibiting the use of hazardous chemicals. When permitted to use the FSC logo on products and or packaging, brand consumers gain confidence it’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


There are numerous benefits to including FSC certification into your sustainability plan and working with a printing company that is FSC certified. According to the FSC, research has shown that incorporating FSC products into your offerings has the potential to enhance the public perception of your brand and to further connect with consumers. A few of the top reasons brands implement an FSC standard in their paperboard packaging are:


-Reduce Environmental Impact. Products from FSC certified forests must be grown, managed and harvested in a manner that is both good for the habitat and future growth of the forest.


-Support Local Workforces. FSC forests must employ a local workforce to run their operations.


-Express a Commitment to Sustainability. The FSC logo is widely recognized as the standard in responsible forest management and is a positive reflection on your brand.


-Be an Industry Leader in Sustainable Packaging. Consumers appreciate when organizations demonstrate their commitment to green practices and often support those efforts with their purchases. Thus, being a leader in sustainable packaging within your industry can elevate your brand among competitors.


You can learn more about the Forest Stewardship Council by visiting the FSC website at us.fsc.org.

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